Q : Does Dixons conduct house calls for large collections?
Yes, but we need to discuss the collection and the condition prior to giving any idea of their worth. Please count the items either individually or by the box lot or room lot or house lot. There is no collection too large for us to handle!

Q : What Photo ID is required to Sell to Dixons?
Please see our Sell to Us page for details.

Q : Is Dixons stock on a database?
No. We need to keep running costs low as this ensures that you buy for a fair price.

Q : Can I order items from Dixons or supply a “wants list”?
No. Given the number of customers we have and the amount of stock we process every day it’s not feasible for us to offer this service. The best way to ensure you get what you want is to regularly visit the stores.

Q : Can I get items posted to me?
If you find we have an item, we can arrange postage at nominal cost and handling charges. You can pay via Credit Card over the phone, or using Paypal or a Money Order. See our Online Orders page for further details.

Q : Is everything in Dixon’s second hand?
Yes. However people often sell us items that are ‘brand new’. They may be unwanted gifts, promotional items or items people simply don’t like. This means you can get current titles at our stores, at great prices.

Q : Do all the stores have different stock?
Yes, each store runs independent from the other.

Q : Do you fix scratched or marked discs for customers?
We used to offer this service but have stopped as there are specialist companies who do this now.

Q : Can I transfer an item between Dixons stores?
No. We do not transfer stock, but we do offer a Mail Order service keeping the postage and handling charges minimal.

Q : The item I bought does not work, what do I do?
Q : I've changed my mind. Can I return my item?

Please refer to the page on our Guarantee for details.