With stores located in and around Melbourne, Dixons Recycled is regarded as the best place in the city to buy and sell used CDs, DVDs and vinyl records.

Our first store was opened in Blackburn back in 1976. Thanks to its simple purchasing philosophy and friendly atmosphere, the store quickly became a central part of Melbourne’s music scene. Other stores soon followed, employing knowledgeable staff with a love for music and film.

Although Dixons is independent in name, we're dependent on the public to consistently supply us with the best used collections of music, film and collectables. We're proud to say that many of the customers who started shopping at the first Dixons in 1976 are still with us today. We must be doing something right to maintain such loyal patronage!

Though times have changed, people are still passionate about music and films. Every week our staff clean, sort and price as many items as they can. In any of our stores you will see fresh stock hitting the shelves at great prices, with titles changing daily.