We buy - CDs, LPs and Cassettes

- 12"s, 7"/ 45 singles and some CD singles

- music magazines, music books, posters and collectables.


We do buy some DVDs and Blu-rays but only very selectively.


The market for DVDs has changed dramatically in the past few years.


We no longer buy the majority of mainstream/ blockbuster titles. We are interested in selective - art-house and foreign films, horror movies, cult movies, older films from the 30s, 40s and 50s and some music and documentary titles.


Give us a ring, at either store if you would like more info. 


We do not buy X-Rated material.


All purchasing is subject to what we already have in stock and what we think we can sell. 



Please ensure the items for sale are in good condition (ie. no scratches or water damage etc). We do not buy items without original artwork, but we are able to replace exterior CD/DVD cases if damaged.


You are required by Victorian law to provide Photo ID when selling to us. Please check the list on the right-hand side of this page and make sure you bring ONE of the listed combinations of ID when you come to Dixons. No other combinations or kinds of identification will be accepted. If you do not have ID, you may ask a relative or a friend who does to sell on your behalf, providing they are willing to come to the store and take legal responsibility for the sale.



All our staff at both our stores are trained buyers and we buy stock everyday. If you have Under 200 items you can bring your items in (along with your photo ID) to either store during opening hours any day (please come at least half an hour before closing). However,  if you have a larger collection we would appreciate you giving us a call before coming in to discuss when would be best for you to come in and give you an idea on how long it will take to look at your collection.  


We would also remind you to be mindful when packing your items to bring in and making sure they are not too heavy to lift


FYI - Weekends and public holidays are much busier instore, sometimes there can be a bit of a wait.  

If you have a large collection (1000+) of items, we can come to you. Please contact us to arrange an inspection at your convenience.


Our staff will quickly inspect your items, checking their condition, whilst making sure the titles are ones we can sell. This is usually a pretty quick process depending on the size of the collection. If you have a lot of  rare/ collectible items we may have to spend a bit of time looking up the value of certain items, which can take a bit longer.


Having assessed your items, our staff will give you a price.



1. Price
We base our prices on what items retail for new and how much we can sell them for second hand. The vast majority of titles in any format end up in the $1-$3 range. Though it is much more common for us to pay more for vinyl as it is selling for much higher prices these days. And we obviously pay more on things like box sets and collectible items. 

2. Payment
After accepting our offer and presenting your Photo ID we copy your details into our ledger and get your signature to authorise the transaction. We will pay you in cash, although for large sales we prefer to provide bank cheques/ bank transer


3. Trade
If you choose to spend the money in-store at Dixons we will offer you more! Ask our staff for a trade price, so you can grab items we're selling and make your exchange more profitable.