The Metronomes - Going Somewhere LP - LTD ED Vinyl - New/ Sealed

The Metronomes - Going Somewhere LP - LTD ED Vinyl - New/ Sealed

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Going Somewhere

By The Metronomes

Limited edition of 200 Vinyl


It Records 2016 Australia

BRAND NEW - Sealed

At once true to their Minimal Wave roots and completely contemporary. The work of serious electronic master craftsmen and well, frankly quite funny, quirky and leftfield. It's brilliant.

The Metronomes are Andrew Picouleau (Sacred Cowboys), synth player and rock journalist Al Webb (Streetlife) and synth player Ash Wednesday (Models/ Jab/ Einsturzende Neubauten). Going Somewhere was recorded and produced by the band, bounced back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne, tweaked and prodded until perfect. Mastered by the esteemed Simon Polinski (The Church, Psy-harmonics, Underground Lovers etc etc). The result is lush, yet austere, complex, but minimal, determined and capricious. We just love it, This is a master class in electronic pop. It Records is proud to have musicians the calibre of these guys on the roster. We've long been fans of their amazing music ( see the 2014 It records/ Nice"Noise compilation of their early work - Time Keeping:1979-1983) and we can't wait for a new generation of music lovers to discover these criminally overlooked and under appreciated Australian musicians.


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